Why is Canada’s Passion for Soccer Growing?

Soccer is the number one sport in popularity worldwide and Canada has joined this experience little by little, as Canadians have grown passionate about this exciting sport. But why is this hockey nation sharing its love with soccer and investing time and resources on it?

The Immigrants’ Role

Featured image Why is Canadas Passion for Soccer Growing The Immigrants Role - Why is Canada's Passion for Soccer Growing?

Throughout the last couple of decades, there has been an important period of immigration from countries on the other side of the world. Migrating from your country and leaving everything behind is hard, especially for the younger people that don’t even speak the language. But in the dark, there is always hope.

Many immigrants have found that engaging in soccer, as they did in their home countries, is an excellent way to feel more at home in Canada. Since the country has an open arms policy, there is a wide range of cultures that converge within its territory and they can all come together for a nice soccer game.

Canadian Women’s Team’s Fierce Success

Featured image Why is Canadas Passion for Soccer Growing Canadian Womens Teams Fierce Success - Why is Canada's Passion for Soccer Growing?

After being the host for the Women’s World Cup in 2015, where the Canadian team played its way to the quarterfinals, there was already an uproar and a sense of pride among fans. This was only etched deeper into both fans and teams when the woman’s soccer team competed in the 2016 Olympics and brought home a bronze medal.

Soccer is almost a universal sport that is taking the world and sweeping it off its feet, making all of us team sports fans fall in love with it. The different teams, the outstanding performance of women’s selections, and the way it brings communities together will always remain reasons for the passion to keep growing.