Marie-Philip Poulin – An Example for All Female Athletes

It is no secret that women’s sports are highly underrated and that female athletes do not get the recognition they deserve for the amazing skills and performance they offer. However, hockey players like Marie-Philip Poulin are seeking to change this situation and everybody needs to listen as she is an example for all female athletes out there.

Unlike many famous hockey players, Poulin’s presence is far from all about scoring but she impacts the whole game without skipping the hard areas. She is known for being incredibly kind and thoughtful of her teammates and all these qualities have earned her comparisons with male counterpart Sidney Crosby.

This professionalism and excellence in team leadership, has also impacted on Crosby himself who has taken to go and watch her play. He fondly recalls watching her score big goals against the USA at three Olympic Finals in a row and admires how she performed despite the high pressure that was on her.

Featured image Marie Philip Poulin An Example for All Female Athletes Strength in Unity - Marie-Philip Poulin - An Example for All Female Athletes

She has had instances where she scores a goal within seconds of the game’s ending, managing a tie that leads to a win during the overtime of the Gold Medal Game. Poulin has stayed humble regarding this, comparing it to a fairy tale and expressing that it was particularly special because she was in Canada, where family and friends joined her.

This outstanding hockey player understands that these moments happen when preparation meets luck, and she never stops working hard and training to excel. At 28 years of age, Poulin has proven to be incredible under high pressure and to provide teammates with great leadership at all times.

Female athletes all over the world can and should look at Marie-Philip Poulin for an example of hard work, dedication, love for the sport and her teammates, and overall skill. This hockey player is bringing women’s sports up to the front of mass media with feats like winning the Olympics and she will stop at nothing to get the recognition she deserves.