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Our magazine Strength in Unity is all about team sports that are played and loved across Canada. You will find articles with news and all kinds of interesting facts and information regarding the teams and the top athletes that display outstanding performances in them.

Creating this magazine was Eric M. Hearn’s idea, which he got from trying to find a similar website online and failing to find one that fitted his needs. Although he initially thought of doing this alone, he changed his mind as soon as he saw that many of his friends knew more about hockey and curling than he did.

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Along with him, we created a magazine that talks about all kinds of team sports that Canadians love to play and follow. Strength in Unity is also the name we came up with, given that this is the main reason why we formed our team and why we like this kind of sport. The more articles we upload, the more information we find we need to post next.

We are adamant about keeping a tight relationship with our readers, which allows us to keep track of what you all want to see in our magazine. Being aware that your input helps us grow and improve is something that has played a key part in our magazine’s growing popularity.