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Strength in Unity aims to reduce the stigma of mental illness by building individual and community capacity to address and reduce stigma at individual, family and community levels. Through Strength in Unity, we aim to generate new knowledge that can be used to change policies and practices in order to improve the health and well-being of people living with and/or affected by mental illness.

Acceptance Commitment Training

Boys and men living with or being affected by mental health issues, and Community leaders who are interested in reducing stigma of mental illness within Asian communities will join the project. Strength in Unity will strengthen their capacity to address and reduce the stigma of mental illness through Acceptance Commitment Training (ACT) and Contact-based Empowerment Education (CEE).

Acceptance Commitment Training (ACT) is a psychological intervention that uses mindfulness and acceptance exercises, as well as commitment and behavior change techniques. The aim of ACT intervention is to decrease experiential avoidance and enhance one’s mental flexibility.ACT session

Contact-based Empowerment Education (CEE) is a community-based approach based on principles of empowerment education and skills development that is used widely to engage various communities in different health promotion initiatives.

CEE activity


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